18 Miles Over Two Days At CannaCon 2017

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After attending the Cannabis Collaborative Conference in Portland, I hopped onto a BoltBus for the non-stop ride up to Seattle for CannaCon 2017.  Just to make the trip an adventure, there was a rockslide outside of Longview, Washington, that closed I-5, so I accepted the responsibility of being our driver’s navigator while we forged an alternate route […]

1st Annual Bay Area Cannabis Pride Celebration The Weed Blog The Weed Blog View Comments

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Cannabis and the LGBTQ community have a long and deeply intertwined history, especially here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Originally led by gay and cannabis activist Dennis Peron, “Brownie Mary” (Mary Jane Rathbun) and other important LGBTQ leaders and activists, and today, the LGBTQ community continues to be a driving force for leadership, access, […]

Cannabis Science Conference Opens In Portland, Oregon

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The fifth Cannabis Science Conference will open this week in Portland. The Cannabis Science Conference is about to get underway in Portland, Oregon with its usual list of researchers, physicians, cultivators and advocates, including Olivia Newton-John and her husband Amazon John Easterling as Keynote Speakers, among many others. This year’s conference, the fifth since its launch in October 2016 in Portland, covers […]

4 Vegan Edible Recipes You Will Love

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Everyone loves edibles: they give you an incomparable high that seems to last forever. However, if you’re vegan, finding tasty edibles is way harder. You shouldn’t have to miss out on edibles just because you prefer to not consume animal products of any kind (like milk, eggs, yogurt, cheese, meat, poultry, honey, fish, etc.)! You […]

20 Recipes For DIY Edibles

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long gone are the days of stale brownies and overcooked canna-cookies. It’s 2020, and we’ve entered an age of great cannabis & culinary innovation. Go ahead and give ‘marijuana edibles’ a quick search, but prepare to be overwhelmed. Sweet watermelon gummies, reefer root beer, quinoa and kush granola bites! Enough to make your mouth water and your […]

Family that fought for NJ pot law change to move to Colo. for edible medical marijuana

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By The Associated Press SCOTCH PLAINS, N.J.—The family of a New Jersey toddler who became a symbol in a push to change the state’s medical marijuana laws this year is moving. Meghan and Brian Wilson of Scoth Plains tell The Philadelphia Inquirer  they’re heading to Colorado because there they can buy an edible form of […]