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What Is Kratom? An Inside Look At This Popular Botanical

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Kratom is an evergreen tree, indigenous to Southeast Asia and tropical regions of Africa. It is primarily grown in Thailand and Indonesia, where locals have chewed Kratom leaves for centuries. The leaves are also ground into a powder, dried to make tea, extracted into oil, or even cooked into food. Found in the same family […]

Take a trip to Jamaica without leaving your kitchen in “Cooking with Herb” by Cedella Marley

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By Special To The Cannabist Editor’s note: In Cedella Marley’s new book “Cooking with Herb,” she shares cannabis-enhanced recipes brimming with Jamaican flavors. She also offers a peek into the family life of her well-known parents, Bob and Rita Marley, and the foundation for healthy eating they established with their children. Get a taste of what’s in store […]