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 Used For Modern Day Treatments Of
  • Anxity
  • Arthritis
  • Depression
  • Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • Pain & Stress
  • Relieves neck, jaw, chest, and face tension
  • Provides headache relief
  • Increases confidence
  • Releases stress, fatigue, and negativity



Lions breath carts real vs fake

lions breath carts real has done numerous surveys and has reached out to patients to find a product that can be medicated discreetly on-the-go for their busy lives, Buy Lions Breath FULL GRAM Cartridges online, browse and choose from a variety of flavors currently available only at our store.

We have over 42 Lions Breath  Cartridge Flavors on Black HOLOGRAM Lions Breath and Cereal Carts Packaging Box For 1.1 Gram Lions Breath, the flavors range from SATIVA to INDICA / HYBRIDS . the table below indicates the sample list of flavors in stock, Lions Breath Vape Cartridges have dominated the cannabis industry , To select flavors for your order click on the link , write down the flavors you want  for the Lions Breath as you check out a space is proved for that.

Lions Breath Carts Premium


Lions Breath Carts are Not Licensed Cartridges

You just came across Lion’s breath carts and wondering if it’s clean cannabis oil? There’s a high chance it’s actually THC oil that could not be sold legally because of harmful impurities! Vaping cannabis has become a favorite method of consumption amongst weed lovers of all backgrounds.  Whether you prefer to be more discreet, you like to avoid harsh smoke, or you simply enjoy the pronounced taste of THC carts, there’s no doubting the hype around vaping.   Unfortunately, the hype goes both ways, though.

Since many states have maintained an illegal status of cannabis, people who want to vape have to get their THC cartridges from unlicensed sources, usually just friends, family, or a “plug.”  This has left a gaping hole for counterfeit products and unlicensed companies to fill with vape products that look legit but could be filled with anything.

Lion’s Breath is one such company.  Sure, they have a website, a Facebook page, and a few different Instagram accounts, but the more you dig into the Lion’s Breath social pages, the more skeptical you’ll most likely become.  Reddit users have even complained that the “official” Instagram account blocked them upon messaging the company about harmful effects felt from their products.  The social media accounts also seem to be constantly changing, as the accounts listed in this article are now either non-existent or private.

Mailed THC oil Vape Cartridges Illegally


A lot of social media shows pictures of these THC oil cartridges being mailed in boxes! Lion’s Breath vaping products also have polished packaging, making the products look and feel legitimate before taking a puff.  Because Lion’s Breath has no licensing to instate them as a legal company whose products can be sold within dispensaries, what you will get in that puff can vary wildly.

So, whether what you get in a Lion’s Breath cartridge is actual THC or other miscellaneous chemicals is ultimately just the luck of the draw.  Some people have good experiences with these carts, while others have felt worrisome effects and little to no high.  Lion’s Brea

thc has even created a QR system that lets you scan and check the validity of the ingredients inside.  Still, there are mixed reviews, with many people saying the system is not made on any factual or legitimate testing.

If you’re not convinced that the black market is all that prevalent, take a look at this drug bust chronicling $22 million worth of black-market marijuana products.  Even in states where recreational marijuana is legal, like Illinois, weed products in the black market still run rampant.  Be sure to purchase cannabis products from your local dispensary over a “plug” if you’re in a legalized state.

Cali Carts is another “brand” that sits alongside Lion’s Breath on Reddit’s famous fake carts list.  Cali Carts is even more confusing, though.  The name apparently encompasses other THC cart brands, all of which have packaging that is sold online, making the end product one big question mark.  This Reddit user shows an unbranded vape cartridge with some odd characteristics, including a steady stream of bubbles and an extra thin consistency, stating, “this is what Georgia plugs call Cali Carts.”

All in all, most informed weed smokers agree that protecting your vital organs from mystery chemicals that are rapidly heated into a vapor is a good idea.  Rather than taking the risk, purchase THC cartridges from licensed dispensaries.  Otherwise, you may want to steer clear for the time being.


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