Platinum Kush Breath

Platinum Kush Breath

Platinum Kush Breath

Platinum Kush Breath, you will quickly understand the ritzy name that comes with this strain after seeing the rich silvery trichomes that cover the outside of Platinum Kush weed. Combining a heavy body high with a focused clarity – Platinum Kush will have you binging your favorite TV show in no time. This cannabis strain can help relieve stress and anxiety by delivering intense euphoria at the cost of a few harsh coughs.

Follow me past the velvet ropes and into this review of Platinum Kush – I’ll tell you exactly what you need to know about this strain’s origins, appearance, effects, and potential downfalls if this strain.

What exactly is the Platinum Kush Breath?

Platinum Kush weed is an indica dominant hybrid, with an average THC content of 16-22% and almost no CBD content. At 90% indica and 10% sativa, the effects are calming. This marijuana strain is derived from OG Kush and an Afghani landrace strain.

OG Kush is a parent to many great cannabis strains like Ghost OG and headband,  and its almost 55/45 sativa/indica mix makes it a great building block for new breeds. The silvery trichomes on Platinum Kush come from OG Kush, packing a lot of THC in that crystalline frosting. The Afghani landrace is pure indica, carrying a lot of earthy, spicy notes in its flavor along with strong cerebral effects. The Afghani landrace is tempered by the balanced OG Kush, resulting in the potent and relaxing Platinum Kush Breath.

Platinum Kush Strain: Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma 

Platinum Kush flowers are often medium to large in size and covered in a thick white trichome coat. The buds are often dense and emerald green with hints of violet throughout. Bright orange hairs are highlighted by the silvery trichome coating, making this one of the most attractive cannabis strains you can find anywhere.

The scent is earthy and musky, with light notes of fruit behind the skunk aroma. The scent acts as a warning – the smoke is often harsh and skunky. You can still taste the earthy qualities, but jasmine and sweet fruit come forward on your palate. You will likely find yourself coughing from the harshness of the smoke, by the time you’re done coughing you’ll feel why it was worth it.

Platinum Kush Strain Effects

Users experienced a focused but relaxed high with Platinum Kush weed. The sedative indica effects may make you feel couch locked and heavy eyelids, but the indica pushes through with creative energy and giggles. This is a marijuana strain best used at the end of the day, or when you are looking to relax. The sedative effects cannot be understated – Platinum Kush will push you back into your seat.

The intense body high may keep you from being very productive when you take it early in the day, Platinum Kush is ideal for unwinding and introspecting. Your body will relax and your mind might spin with fun ideas. Enjoy this with others before watching a movie or settling down after a hectic day.

Medical Advantages of the Platinum Kush Breath

Some people use Platinum Kush’s sedative body high to help manage pain and insomnia. The full-body buzz can soothe and relax aching or restless muscles. Those suffering from stress and anxiety can harness the body buzz combined with the uplifting and euphoric effects of Platinum Kush. The full package of effects provided by this weed strain can make it easier to put yourself in a deep state of relaxation without completely clouding your mind.

Consumers with ADHD may find use in Platinum Kush for it’s focusing and creative qualities, along with the body sedation. Your energy and focus may be easier to channel after interacting with Platinum Kush.

Final Thoughts 

Platinum Kush Breath offers deep relaxation without sacrificing clarity of mind. It is a great aid for managing stress, anxiety, insomnia and ADHD symptoms. While this is not the best cannabis strain for use throughout a busy day. It is perfect for centering yourself and spending time with friends. The harsh smoke may put you off at first. But it quickly gets you to the euphoric high you’ve been after once the smoke clears.

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