What is a one-hitter cannabis pipe?

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What is a one-hitter cannabis pipe?

A Grav one hitter.

What is a one-hitter?, What is a one-hitter cannabis pipe?

What is a one-hitter cannabis pipe? A one-hitter is a small pipe that, as the name suggests, holds about one hit of cannabis.

They come in many different materials, mainly glass or metal, and are shaped like a straight tube, with a bowl on one end and a mouthpiece on the other.

One-hitters have a wide variety of styles and can range from beautifully blown glass to cigarette lookalikes for discretion.

Types of one-hitters


Chillums are a type of one-hitter that are thousands of years old. Traditionally, they are smoked vertically by making a fist and placing the piece in between your middle and ring fingers, and then inhaling through an opening created by your index finger. They can be smoked horizontally like a regular pipe as well.


Dugouts are devices that come with two chambers: one for storing a small amount of pre-ghttps://dailycannabisthrives.com/round cannabis and the other for a one-hitter. The one-hitter is pulled out and twisted into the cannabis chamber, easily packing it.

How to use a one-hitter

Smoking out of a one-hitter is just like smoking out of a pipe, except that you’ll want to angle it up so the cannabis doesn’t fall out of the bowl because it’s a straight tube. This is why chillums are traditionally smoked vertically through a closed fist.

One-hitters, both chillums and dugouts, typically use ground up cannabis so they’re easier to pack and herb doesn’t fall out when smoking.

To smoke, pack the one-hitter fairly tight, angle it, put a flame to it, and inhale, as you would a regular pipe.

As one-hitters are usually short and small, be careful not to get the lighter too close to your lips.

Benefits of using a one-hitter

What is a one-hitter cannabis pipe?


Due to their small size, one-hitters are one of the most discreet ways to smoke flower. They can quickly and easily be stored out of sight, either in a pocket or the palm of your hand. If a low-key smoke sesh is what you have in mind, you can’t go wrong with a one-hitter.

Also, when lighting a one-hitter, it often looks like you are lighting a cigarette, which is why many dugouts are painted to look like them.


One-hitters are also great for conserving your stash. When smoking a joint or out or a pipe or bong, it’s easy to pack the whole bowl and to finish all of it. Depending on the size of your bowl, this can potentially use up a lot of flower.

One-hitters allow you to use only a little bit of weed at a time and help conserve your stash by making each hit a mindful action. You are less likely to over-pack or over-smoke.

Additionally, unlike a joint, a one-hitter will go out after a hit or two and won’t burn until it’s done.

Using one-hitters for microdosing cannabis

One-hitters are great for microdosing. By taking smaller, more accurately sized hits, consumers can dial in the effects of a cannabis experience. Microdosing is a great way to moderate consumption and conquer the day without sacrificing too much functionality.

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