What is Backpack boyz weed? Backpack boyz weed for sale There are many marijuana-focus firms today thanks to cannabis being legalized in California. Even before recreational marijuana became legal in 2018, it was legal for medical use since the 90s, which itself helped make a burgeoning network of dispensaries selling all types of cannabis-related items. Established in 2017, Backpack boyz is one of the newer firms to join the industry, but they have already made their mark.


Backpack boyz is a cannabis dispensary located in California, While backpack boyz does sell marijuana strains, it is become somewhat of a marijuana lifestyle firm. That is because they also make and design clothing that speaks to the Bay Area marijuana culture. They take inspiration from the diversity of the location they call home. They also take a remarkable deal of pride in the standard of their items, both in the stitching of the apparel and the printing of the attractive packaging.

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Todays, Backpack boyz loves being the top place to get exotic marijuana packs. They ensure everything gets shipped out through mail-order discreetly, and makes the full process as simple as it can be. This is a firm that strives to grow and deliver some of the top standard exotic cannabis packs accessible internationally.


The team behind Backpack boyz has been in the business from many years, which means they have been capable to learn a remarkable deal through trial-and-error. Today, they are capable to deliver standard products that are separate from the rest. Their commitment to standard and uniqueness has led to a powerful and loyal fanbase that has developed over the years. This has led to Backpack boyz being capable to spread beyond selling marijuana strains and become a marijuana lifestyle firm.

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This company’s urban clothing has become quite the hit in the Bay area due to its being extremely relax, practical and stylish. They want to ensure their customers feel and look best while representing their love for marijuana. If you like buds, you will probably find something to love at Backpack boyz.


The edge concepts and colors, single out Backpack boyz in a way that has produced a lot of buzz and hype, mainly in the Bay area marijuana connoisseur community.  Today, they are collaborating with big influencers and popular athletes to get more people. Thanks to their efforts on social media and attractive marketing, this brand status has exploded. Today, they are pretty the force to be reckoned with, according to them, they are just getting started.

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Must-try backpack boyz cannabis strains

They have a charming set of strains, boasting various hues and shades of purple, green, and everything between while having remarkable vibration of their buds.

Scottie Pippen

Why you should try it

You will need powerful resolute willpower against FOMO if you are planning to resist Scottie Pippen. Every person has been discussing about the popular person behind the cannabis but the marijuana itself is not far behind. The BackPack Boyz real is a rare find with that indica-dominant, seductive hit.

Aroma and flavors

Scottie Pippen has all the strong flavors that generate a fiesta on your tongue. You will inhale luscious tastes of rich dark chocolate and coffee. The limonene terpene provides it that zesty taste with a fresh squeeze with each inhale.

Guarana California

Guarana California is a globally-acclaimed strain famous for its strong, twenty-five percent average, THC levels. Its exotic origins and heavy-hitting effects are the big cause for the hype around this strain. While some love its strong high, others have a different response to this flower.

Aroma and flavors

With its perfect and light touch on the flavor buds, Guarana California is just a thrill and enjoyable ride all around.

Apple Mint

Why you should try it

Created by Clearwater Genetics, Backpack boyz made a wonderful and sweet batch of Apple Mintz. This variation is a cross between Kush Mints and Apple Fritter. You will want this strain for the end of the night when you only want to calm and bask in these dessert-like tastes. Its dynamic purples, greens, and ambers complement its soft and fresh vibe.

Aroma and flavors

Apple Mintz provides off a tropical fruit smell wrapped in Kush Mintz smells hints.

Horchata strain

Why you should try it

This strain is the one on every person bucket list.  To this day, Gelato as a classic takes a few notes from the Hall of famer. Its creamy and smooth overarching tone makes this Jet Fuel Gelato and Mochi Gelato cross a dream for old-school marijuana lovers and newcomers alike.

Aroma and flavors

Horchata is the best sweet with just a dash of spiciness to activate your creativity. Its high will thrill you and its smoothness is just a bonus.

Lemon cherry gelato

Why you should try it

This strain has special and highly palatable flavors, offering lots of fanservice for berry lovers. A cross between Girl Scout cookies and Sunset sherbet, this blissful high is a daytime thrill pulling you out of those dragging Monday blues.

Aroma and flavors

Your mouth will water from its fragrance of lemons, berries, raspberries, blueberries, and pine. Its flavor hit the same spot, bringing some refreshing thrill to your day.

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